Vacation Memories

"This is my definition of heaven on earth: grab a book, beach chair & umbrella, and head to Oak Island. Absolutely the most peaceful vacation anyone can imagine."

Sharon Terrell
"This is a picture of my husband and my mother. We having been vacation here at Oak Island (Which we still call Long Beach.) for 39 years this year. My mother has had 2 strokes and 3 bout's with cancer. The only thing she loves to do is to go to Oak Island and walk the beach (Just down to the water and back now. ) and sit on the deck and watch the ocean. She has been invited to other beach and she will not go. We brought her down Oct. 14th this year."

Tammy English
"My partner, Rebecca, and I have been coming to Oak Island for our vacations. It is our favorite place to visit. It is so serene and really gives you a place to relax and enjoy life. I snapped this photo in October 2012 while we were doing one our favorite things - sitting on the beach and watching the setting sun. This particular night was extraordinary. The sky was alive with color and even the reflections on the sand were breathtaking. Memories like this is what keeps bring us back time and time again."

Kelli Bloise
"I have been coming to Oak Island since childhood! It was an amazing place to spend time with my family! I am so happy to share my favorite place on Earth with my own family now! This was my son's first year, he loved every minute! Thank you for making these memories possible."

Sarah Berger
"I loved the beach and my family and I had a great time in Oak Island."

Chrissy Carter
"Me playing in the sand in 2008"

kassidy koogler
"We visited Oak Island Aug 20-27,2011. Had a wonderful time. The island is beautiful and clean. The week we stayed,there was an earthquake that hit Richmond (with shakes felt down the coast) and we were evacuated a day early because of Hurricane Irene approaching. It only rained one day which only lasted about 20 minutes. The island is not over-populated but there are still plenty of activities for the entire family. Definitely will visit again."

Bonnie Sam
"Paul rented 4 surfer boards and wet suits and the fun began! When we walked to the beach we were welcomed by the pelicans diving into the sea like attack bombers to catch the fish. The next day, we saw a huge jelly fish and experienced a powerful storm, very interesting!. On the last day, we saw a huge horseshoe crab. The sunsets were so beautiful that everybody kept their cameras handy! On December 29 and 30 the temperature reached 72 degrees Fahrenheit and off we went surfing again and again!. The temperature in Wisconsin was 18 degrees, Ha!

This is by far the best Christmas we have had in a long time. We visited several beautiful restaurants in the Island and the people were very friendly."

The Roustan Girls
"Here are the photos from our 2011 vacation in Dip Inn. They exemplify just what Oak Island, NC means to our group. . . riding rental bikes, reading in our chairs, just listening to the waves and watching the sunsets from our deck and the Oak Island Pier. Heaven!
Can't wait until we return in 2012!!!"

Terrell Family
"This is my brother. It was his first time in Oak Island, NC, but our families second time. We always stay in the same room. I love the fact that everything was just a walk or a bike ride away. There were some great resturants, the waves were incredible, and the view was the best. The picture showed my brother and his first time in the sand. He loved the sand and water soooooo much, he never wanted to leave! Mom brought the playpen down on the beach amd turned it on it's side and covered it with towels to make a clubhouse for him. My grandma said with the hat on, he looked like Gilligan."

McCallister Family
"This photo was taken on Oak Island, NC in 2004 and it shows my daughter who was 6 years old at the time. I love this photo because of the pure joy on her face at being back at the beach we love. My parents brought me to Oak Island from West Viginia when I was a little girl, and I love being able to continue the tradition!! My sister and her family, my brother and his family and my husband and I with our family rent a home every year. It isn't Summer without a trip to Oak Island, NC for us."

McFetridge Family
"This picture was taken in July 2011 at West Beach on Oak Island, NC. It had just finished storming and we wanted to take advantage of getting great pictures as the sun was shining thru the storm clouds. My parents took this picture of my husband and myself walking down the beach."

Valentine Family
"We stay at Oak Island every year as we have for the past 10 years . . . It was a gloomy, foggy morning and we got our son up early since it was suppose to rain all day and had not started yet. I never thought i'd get a picture of him that early, but he sure was a trooper. He absolutely loves the beach and says he is moving to Oak Island, NC when he gets bigger, oh and he says he's taking mom and dad! Whew! Thank god for that, our lil' boy!"

Thompson Family
"Ozzy, our Goldendoodle, loves our annual visits to Oak Island, NC! He will play in the ocean for awhile, then take a rest, wearing his shades!"

Shagena Family
"This is my granson Braydon, he was 8 months when this was taken. This was his first trip to Oak Island, NC. He thought he was suppose to surf in his wagon than ride sitting down!! We first started coming to Oak Island 21 years ago when his mama was 6 months old and we have never visited another beach. Oak Island was it for us."

Boaze Family
"This picture was taken from the beach front looking up at our rental as my husband lifted his hands to all the gulls who were all around. The outspread hands and the flying gulls makes my husband look like the "Gull Whisperer"."

Egan Family
"A beautiful sunset view over the ocean from our condo rented from Oak Island Accommodations in March of 2011. It dosen't get any better!"

Flippen Family
"This was the result of an impromptu photo shoot with my younger sister. We all went out to the beach for an after-dinner-stroll, and the sun was setting perfectly over the Oak Island pier. I told my sister to just start dancing, and I started shooting. Perfect ending to a perfect day."

Muncy Family
"This photo was taken near our rental on the South side of the island. What a beautiful time we had (until the untimely departure, thank you Irene). Ironiclly enough, we live in Vermont and beat Irene home only to deal with catastrophic flooding . . . . but we enjoyed every moment on Oak Island, NC. Best crab sandwhiches EVER."

Perkins Family
"This picture was taken in July 2011 on our last day of vacation in Oak Island, NC and we would absolutly love the chance to return! It's a perfect example of some of the rustic, natural beauty to be found on Oak Island."

Robinson Family
"I first came to Oak Island about 8 years ago, and fell in love insantly. I havent been back for the last 3 years, so was extra excited about coming this summer. More so, i was excited about bringing my 2 1/2 year old son along for the trip. It was so amazing to watch him learn and discover things, see how happy he was every morning to wake up and go to the beach, and find ghost crabs in the sand at night. I think he has already fallen in love with Oak Island just as I did 8 years ago."

Tablante Family
"We had another great trip to Oak Island this year!!!! Here is a picture of our 2 year old son, Maddox enjoying the calm ocean water. We love Oak Island and look forward to our stay in ShipWatch each year!!!


Smith Family
"We discovered Oak Island in the summer of 1998. Our son, Matt, finished his first year in college & money was tight. We vacationed at the beach, usually Myrtle, every year since he was 3 years old & he developed a great love for the ocean & sand. Our daughter, Rachael, was introduced as an infant and looked forward to our trips as well. I guess you can say that our entire family, including my fisherman husband & myself, were in love w/beach living. But this particular year, we decided that we could not afford an expensive vacation so had ruled out the ocean. Matt was very disappointed and due to his persistence and determination, he decided that he was going to find a way to get to the beach.
He found an Oak Island's Accommodations brochure that we received the year before from the NC Chamber of Commerce and went to their website. After skimming through all the available properties, he found the Sand Shack, a four bedroom beach house that was only a short 2 blocks from the beach. The price was very reasonable so we decided that we were going to the beach after all!
I guess you can say: "the rest is history". We have returned to this beautiful island every year since, except for the year we attended a family reunion at Wrightsville beach (we had no choice in the matter). And this year, we returned to the Sand Shack.
It is not just the ocean, soft sand and beautiful sunsets that bring us here. The people that join us are the kindest, friendliest people that we have ever encountered outside our own community. There have been times that the winds and tide have threatened to consume our beach chairs and equipment and the people in the ocean front houses have come to the rescue. Last year our son and daughter met some young men who live less than 50 miles from us. They still keep in touch with them to this day. And just like our own children when they were little, our two grandchildren (next year there will be three) always find other children with whom they can frolic and play.
So as you can plainly see, we are in love with Oak Island. We have recommended this beautiful place to many of our friends who now are yearly visitors. Now that we have enjoyed our 10th year of OKI, we soon will planning our visit for the summer of 2010. We have agreed that it will be a two week stay since we find it so hard to leave."

Rosendale Family
Washington, PA
"My family has been vacationing at Oak Island over the 4th of July for 20+ years. We look forward to this trip every year and so many memories and great times have been shared. As soon as we leave every year, we are beginning to plan and look forward to the next year. It is a wonderful way to have grandparents, parents, children, the entire family together for a week. We hope to be continuing this tradition for 20 more."

Reese Family
"This picture represents our BEST "beach times". A group of us from West Virginia (12plus), friends and family, having been staying on Oak Island for eleven years. Our umbrellas greet us each year as we arrive at our beach house. These bright blue and orange umbrellas are put up first thing in the morning (even before coffee) and throughout the day they serve as a place to take an oceanside nap, a place where many books are read and shared, and most of all, the place where we catch up with each other's lives, talk about our past trips, and plan for our future trips. While our beach house serves as our "home away from home", our umbrellas serve as our home on the beach all week. Oh, and if by chance we catch a glimpse of silvery dolphins jumping out of the water in front of us, our umbrella home becomes a place of great excitment and squeals! I have made this picture my background on my computer screen so that I can feel like I am looking out my beach house window. There's no better feeling!"

Wilkins Family
Riverton, WV
"Our family started coming to Oak Island the year I was born. I'm almost 35 now. We were there every year. In 89 my parents bought a house there but sold it about 8 years later. We stopped going then. Well, Oak Island was calling me Easter of 07. So, we made our first trip back. We went back Labor Day weekend of 07. We were there again this year for Labor Day. Only this time we stayed for a week. We're ready to go again. Oak Island holds many precious memories for me. Being there makes me feel like a little girl again. There is no other place on this earth that I would rather spend my vacation. This picture is of my husband Steven and 2 of our dogs (Gracie on the left and Tia on the right). Another reason we love Oak Island. We can bring our furkids! They both love it! ;)"

Absher Family
Bessemer City, NC
"My husband and I first went to Oak Island on our honeymoon in June 1997. Now we have two beautiful girls who have been going to Oak Island since they were about two years old. We all love it and couldn't imagine going to anyother place. We have since brought some of our friends and family here on vaction and they all love it as well. We look forward year after year to our vacation and can't wait to come back next year!"

Collins Family
State Road, NC
"We have been coming to Oak Island every since my brother and I were little kids. Occassionally our families now go with my parents. I have forgotten how wonderful this beach is till our short vacation this summer with the family. We are already making plans for a week stay in 2009 with our parents and our families. I cant wait. See you then."

The Lampley & Triplette Families
"Yet another GREAT vacation on Oak Island. This was our third year to visit. As you can see from the photo, our boys love the waves. They've always wanted to buy a raft, and this was the year they finally did. We have so many funny memories of the raft--just getting it back to the house was quite the adventure. The guy that sold it to them tied it on the top of their Grandmother's 2 door Honda Accord--it wasn't so secure because when we rounded the corner onto East Beach Drive, it blew off. We ended up shoving it into her trunk with the back seat down so the boys could sit back there and hold it in! We have so many wonderful memories of the beach! Thanks again for a great vacation."

The Wick Family
Snow Shoe, PA
"This was our 3rd trip to Oak Island and as always we had a wonderful time. We can not wait to come back next year!"

The Vinson Family
"I just had to write and tell you how amazing our trip was this year. This was our first trip to Oak Island and the beach for that matter. The sound of the ocean was so relaxing and the house was perfect. Thank you again for such wonderful memories....we can't wait to come back."

The Welsh Family
Columbus, Ohio
"Summer 2007 was our first trip to Oak Island, and the ocean. It was exciting to see our daughters enjoy the ocean for the first time. We can't wait to return in 2008, we hope to make it our new family tradition. Thanks for a wonderful time!!"

Sotlar Family
Lowellville, OH
"My son, Gabriel, is an early bird. From birth, he has been the first one up with the sun. One morning on our annual Thanksgiving trip to Oak Island in 2005, I woke to find Gabriel playing his favorite guitar at the end of the boardwalk. I didn't want to disturb him, so I made a pot of coffee and cracked the door just enough to hear him singing and playing to the ocean!"

Sloop Family
"I haven't seen my Dad so happy in a long time. He spent the majority of his stay on the porch facing the marsh. We expected the ride alone to wear him out. He never took the first nap. We made memories this past weekend and You played a great part in that. Thank YOU!"

Dixon Family
Mocksville, NC
"Oak Island is a wonderful place & the people were just as great! Our family can not wait for summer 2008 at the beach!!!!!"

"Thanks to OIA for all your wonderful help in finding us a great vacation spot. We had a blast and anxiously await next year's vacation on Oak Island."

Guion Family
Waxhaw, NC
"Getaways to Oak Island remind me of the family members we've lost that started the tradition many years ago. Somehow, knowing we are carrying on that tradition with our girls keeps the memories brighter. I believe our loved ones are smilin' in heaven knowing we are sharing a special piece of them by returning to Oak Island. Though the group changes, the good times and memories never end! Looking forward to our next getaway!!!!"

The Campbell, Maerlender, & Dillard Families
Hartsville, SC
"This year will be the third time my husband, I and our dog, Ally McBeagle, will visit Oak Island. We love the pet friendly beaches and hospitality of all the people you meet here. I just wish we had discovered this island treasure years ago when our children were still at home and vacationing with us. Some of our favorite moments are on the beach near sunset, like my husband and dog in this picture, taking in all of the beauty of the ocean. We will always have a special place in our heart for Oak Island."

Mike and Becky Flick
Hamilton, OH
"This was our second vacation on Oak Island! We absolutely love the Island! My husband's parents accompanied us this year and they found the island to be as relaxing as we did. We can't wait to return again next year!! Thanks again."

The Wick Family
Snow Shoe, PA
"My family and I are eagerly anticipating our upcoming vacation to Oak Island in August, 2007. It will be our fourth visit. This is us in 2004, on our third visit. We love Oak Island and we will continue to come every chance we can for as many summers as possible."

Fisher & Dodd Family
Mechanicsburg, PA
"It was with great anticipation that we looked forward to this year's vacation. This was our second year on Oak Island, and our whole family loved spending time there on the beaches. The memories we've made over the past couple of years stay with us all year round. Our boys still talk about the fun they had. Oak Island is the most family friendly beach we've ever been to. We plan to be back again next year and want to continue our trips there as a family tradition. Thanks for all of the wonderful memories!"

Holden Family
Charlotte, NC
"In 1985, my parents rented a beach house and invited all four of their adult children and grandchildren to come for our first family summer vacation. We had a wonderful time even though the house was an older house and had no air conditioning, etc. That fall, both my parents passed away, and since then, a group of us has visited Oak Island every summer. It doesn't always include all four siblings, but there is always some combination of the four, plus kids. One year we were 26 people and required two houses. This will be our 22nd year and we are still enjoying it as much as ever and still remembering the wonderful vacation we had with our parents."

Watts Family
Columbus, Ohio
"Oak Island is paradise! We have been vacationing at Oak Island for years while growing up. We have tons of memories with our families from our vacation every year. Now we are doing the same with our two girls. After you've been to Oak Island, no other beach will do. It just feels like home."

Reep Family
Mt. Holly, NC
"I can't say enough about your lovely beach. We have been coming here for 3 years and will be returning in August again. Had always went to Sunset Beach, NC, but found your island and can't stay away from it. This picture is my very favorite, Pap Pap with his Grandson Trevor. Maybe this year we will take one with the new additions we have in the family. Thanks for the enjoyable memories."

The Miller Family
Valley Grove, WV
"Our family has been coming to Oak Island for well over 15 years. My boys have grown up on the beautiful beaches. No Matter what your age can always find something to do! We plan on enjoying many returns to Oak Island with the boys and watching our family grow!!! It is truly the most relaxing place we have ever visited and the most picturesque. See you again next year."

Boyle Family
Bricktown, NJ
"My friends and I had come to Oak Island to bike and Kayak. Biking was on our agenda the afternoon we arrived; however I was in need of a front tire, and all of the bicycle shops had closed for the season. We found a nice young man at Bicycle Sales and Service who was staying late for a customer to pick up a custom made bike. Thanks to his upbringing and kindness we were able to ride for two days. He didn't ask our names and wouldn't accept payment. He said his mother wouldn't like that and that he had been a Boy Scout. As we drove off he put on a bicycle exhibition for us. What a fun way to begin our great vacation! His generosity made out Trip!"

Marsh Family
Greensboro, NC
"We have visted the Outer Banks, Emerald Isle and Ocean City. This was our first trip to Oak Island and the nicest by far, very quiet, clean and serene. We can't wait to return next year. Our family has talked and we want this to be our vacation spot for years to come. Thanks for all of the wounderful memories!"

Wick Family
Snow Shoe, PA
"I just wanted to share an wonderful memory that I have. Two years ago my mother died of Breast Cancer. She died June 8, 2004. September 2003, we brought her to Oak Island for her first trip. She loved it. She was quite the fisher and loved going to the point to fish. Unfortunately the weather was not so good, a minimal hurricane had been predicted and we did get some of the rain and wind. We decided to tough it out. Well as you most likely know, with storms coming, the fishing is not so good. My brother in law prayed that my mother would catch a fish…so once the weather broke, we were off to the point. Well my mother was the only one to catch a fish that day, an 18" flounder! She was most excited. Every time I come to Oak Island, I remember the smile on my mothers face and how much she appreciated this trip!"

Martin Family
Granite Falls, NC
"Oak Island is our little home away from home. This year was our 4th trip there and we will be back again next year!"

Leist Family
Wayne, WV
"After returning from our fun-filled vacation at Oak Island, we select the picture we love the most and have it made into a large puzzle. When we return the next year, the whole family gathers around the table in the evening and relives the good memories we made with each piece we put into place!"

Terrell Family
Middletown, OH


Was your Oak Island Beach Vacation a dream come true? Did you enjoy the Carolina sunsets with family, fireworks over the ocean and children splashing in the warm Oak Island waters? Share your vacation memories with us and other guests.

If you would like to share, simply send a short story and photo to us on our Online Entry Form, and your story may be selected to appear on our website! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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