Old Southport Jail

Built in 1904, the Old Brunswick County Jail is located in Southport’s downtown district, just across from the cemetery. Knowing that these prisoners could perish in their harsh surroundings while looking out over their final resting place lined with moss-covered oak trees lends a very eerie setting for this institution. Costing tax payers at the time $6,738 ($145,800.74 in today’s dollar) to build the jail, it has only two cells with four bunks in each, including a toilet and wash-up station.

While upstairs, visitors can still see graffiti on the walls drawn by prisoners from the past. This historical site is still used as a backdrop in Hollywood movies such as “Crimes of the Heart” starring Sissy Spacek. Thanks to the efforts of the Southport Historical Society who provides the maintenance and renovations for the jail, many more people will enjoy this part of Southport’s history for years to come. For more information and visiting dates please call the Southport Visitors Center at 910-457-7927.


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The Old Brunswick County Jail, built in 1904, is a two story brick building that still stands in Southport today. The jail includes two cells, each with four bunks. The Southport Historical Society maintains the old jail.

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