News - February 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009
Caswell Beach is prepared receive sand from the dredging which will refurbish the beach. Currently equipment is on Caswell Beach fattening the strand all the way into eastern Oak Island. Every two years the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) dredges the channel so ships can pass into Wilmington Harbor. In the past, the custom was to dispose of dredged material in deep water. The Sand Management Plan (SMP) created a disposal plan that would benefit Bald Head Island, Caswell Beach and typically also the Yaupon portion of Oak Island, by using the sand to nurture beaches from the impacts of erosion. More...
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
The Town of Oak Island is considering buying the Yaupon Pier for 1.7 million they have $800,000 in grants for the pier. The town was told to get bids for the financing first. BB&T proposed a 10-year loan for $900,000 at a 4.39% interest rate. Three banks bid on the project. It looks as though the town is getting closer to buying the pier. On Tuesday night, council set a public hearing for March 10, asking for comments on financing the purchase. Residents will have a chance to speak on the subject. Council also discussed drafting a business plan for leasing the pier. Town attorney Brian Edes has met with representatives of Cooperative Bank, which owns the pier. The bank is drafting a lease agreement for the town. The Bank wants the town to take over as soon as possible. There is repair work that must be done before the pier could be open to the public again, it's a safety issue, and was a determination by public works after the pier was inspected. More...
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Thursday, February 12, 2009
Education at its best took place Sunday morning on the beach near 36th Place West, when a man notified Oak Island Police that a whale was floating offshore. UNCW's Marine Mammal Stranding Program, made up of student volunteers, faculty and staff in the Department of Biology and Marine Biology were then called. As they were being notified so was most of the local area. Word of mouth spread faster than the internet. As they arrived a young two-to-three year old male humpback whale about 32 feet long, washed up on shore. Crowds of curious onlookers arrive to see the whale. Anyone who cared to listen received an unexpected education on Humpback Whales, while the team measured and took samples from the whale. More...
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Today on Oak Island we are enjoying a snowy day. The snow started falling about 8 AM this morning. It is a beautiful light wet snow. The weather service is saying we may receive up to 1 inch of snow. Since the snow didn't start until after the schools opened Brunswick County Schools are in session at this time, but some daycares have chosen to close. More...
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