Kure Beach

Kure Beach is a small family oriented beach situated at the southern tip of Pleasure Island. Kure Beach is truly a perfect travel destination for the traveler looking for a place to get away from the city but remain within a short driving distance of a grocery store or a fine dining restaurant. Kure Beach offers scenic views of the Cape Fear River one side of the island and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. With these two bodies of water on either side of the island there is few water activities you cannot partake in.

Fishing is a staple of any North Carolina beach and Kure Beach is no different. The pier on the island is seven hundred and eleven feet long. Anyone who wants to fish in the ocean without having to get into a boat can successfully fish for a variety of species without having to go far out into the ocean at all. Chartering a fishing boat requires paying for gas as well as the labor of first mate and other deck hands. Kure Beach’s long pier avoids all those costs as well at the possibility of seasickness. However, if you would rather charter a sport fishing boat or a large party fishing boat that can easily arrange that with the countless number of local boats available for charter. If freshwater or brackish water fishing is your passion the Intra Costal Waterway borders Kure Beach and ponds are not hard to find a short drive up the road and then all you need are cane poles and bait.

Kure Beach is also extremely close to the historic civil war fort, Fort Fisher. Fort Fisher is a history lesson which you can actually witness instead of just read that anyone historian or civil war buff should not miss out on. The fort is truly a marvel of America’s roots but there is also the Fort Fisher Aquarium close to Kure Beach as well which also should not be missed during a day trip to the fort. The aquarium features 235,000-gallon salt-water tank as well as a 20,000 square foot conservatory. There is also a Fort Fisher State Recreation area, which features a state park with a four-mile stretch of undeveloped beach. If you have never seen or walked on a beach that has not been developed you should definitely make plans for a trip to Kure Beach to see this beach. You might hate beach developers after the experience because the peace you experience witnessing God’s work that has not been tainted by man hard to match. Time seems to halt and you feel as if the only place on earth that matters at all is the beach you are on without any concrete.


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Kure Beach is a relaxed atmosphere that is not cluttered with the same booming business like Wilmington’s Wrightsville Beach or Carolina Beach. The best way to experience Kure Beach is to rent a cottage on the beach for a week, walk down to the beach everyday and just breathe.

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